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    Lady in the Red Dress

    Set in a gritty world of institutionalized racism, this David Yee play follows a Canadian government negotiator, Max Lochran, whose aggressive stance cannot save him from the attentions of the Lady in the Red Dress.

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    SOTA Welcomes New Director

    The School of the Arts welcomes new Director, Dr. Alison McQueen.

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    New Concerts at McMaster Season Starts

    We are pleased to announce the start of a new Concerts at McMaster Season lineup.

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School of the Arts


Welcome to the School of the Arts (SOTA) where we offer intensive programs in Studio Art, Art History, Music & Music Cognition and Theatre & Film Studies. SOTA’s faculty recognize the integral role of the arts in individual and public well-being, community building, inclusivity, and global awareness. We offer a unique balance of hands-on and experiential opportunities combined with historical, theoretical and critical approaches. Our students study the social and cultural implications of the arts, and they collaborate with faculty in studio and laboratory settings, mount and critique exhibitions and theatrical productions, and train as solo and ensemble performers.

SOTA graduates are resourceful, innovative, and highly adaptable learners who can navigate the social, cultural, and economic complexities of the contemporary world and contribute in a meaningful way to the decision-making processes of their societies. As the arts hub at McMaster, SOTA organizes and hosts concerts, exhibitions, performances, visiting artists, and workshops, which connect our faculty to the vibrant cultural communities of downtown Hamilton, and bring our students into direct engagement with the public at large.


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